Tuesday, April 15, 2014

List of Accredited IELTS Review Centers in Cebu City, Philippines

Why do people need to get an IELTS certificate before working or studying overseas? What is the IELTS?

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination is an English proficiency examination. This means that any candidate for the examination will be undergoing different tasks where their English skills are put to test. These tasks are varied in the English’s four language skills – reading, listening, speaking and writing. The scores are scored from bands 0 to 9.0 with 9.0 as the highest and perfect score. In Cebu City, people taking the IELTS have been notably increasing over the years.

Many companies and academic institutions require an IELTS score upon application. This is done to ensure the applicant’s quality and competitiveness in the usage of English once he or she is accepted. Since English is not Cebu’s mother tongue, reviewing for the examination is needed and highly recommended.

Some choose to review alone for the examination whilst others look for training in accredited review centers in the city. Luckily, the city does not only have one but a number of good review centers a candidate can choose from. Here are some IELTS review centers in Cebu City. 

1. 9.0 Niner IELTS Review and Tutorial Center

Crash course programs and unlimited review packages are available in Niners. Niners is one of the review centers in the country that has a number of branches in cities nationwide. 

2. Jrooz Review Center Cebu City

In 2011, IELTS review was given by Jrooz to Cebu residents. Since then, it has been chosen by most residents for quality review – regular or intensive programs. Candidates are grouped in classes according to their level making sure that no one gets left behind. 

3. American Dream Review Institute

This institute is an affiliate of a Los Angeles based company that operates here in the Philippines. It serves to be a springboard of its Asian operations. One-on-one coaching, free refresher sessions, and free final coaching are some perks enrolees can get in this institute. 

4. Atheneum Global Services, Inc

It was primarily established to address the needs of students and professionals who keep on failing the IELTS test. It aims to produce candidates who are globally competitive and be a partner towards their candidate’s hopes and dreams. 

5. Exams Advantage 

Their review programs can be customized according to the needs of their clients. Moreover, they have professional instructors that help candidates with their IELTS needs. However, they do not have a website, feel free to contact them on their email at

6. California English Language Center

Foreign nationals such as Americans, British and Canadians are instructors in this institute. They offer IELTS and TOEFL review programs as well. Email them at

More and more review centers are being established in Cebu City. This only means that the demand for quality review and training is much needed in the city. Choose one and learn from the best IELTS review center.